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Do you want to opt out of preference-based advertising from websites that use Webtrekk?

Easy. Just click “Opt out” below. Doing so will set Webtrekk’s advertising opt-out flag, meaning you will no longer be targeted by Webtrekk.

Of course, opting out of Webtrekk’s preference-based advertising will not prevent advertisements and pop-ups from appearing on your computer entirely. Instead, because your preferences are not being taken into account, the advertising you see will be less targeted and, perhaps, less interesting.

Even if you wish to opt out, it is important that you leave cookies enabled on your browser. This way, Webtrekk can identify you as a user who as opted out of our targeted advertising. If you disable cookies, then it is not possible to confirm that you opted out, and you will have to come back here and do this all over again.

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