Introducing Data Quality Score

How Webtrekk supports its customers to improve data quality

By Markus Nagel – Head of Consulting at Webtrekk


How good is the data quality of Webtrekk customers?

For Webtrekk, this is not just one question among many. No, it touches the core of our offer. Webtrekk's goal has always been to deliver the greatest possible analytical flexibility based on the best possible data – and in total compliance with data protection requirements. Data quality is therefore part of our DNA.

We firmly believe that better data leads to better analyses, better decisions, better measures and ultimately to more sales. And it is the same basic conviction that is a decisive factor for many of Webtrekk customers. You could say it's as much part of their DNA as ours.

But the fact is: If you don't actively work on the data quality, it gets worse in the course of use. You usually start with a clean-set Webtrekk data account and tracking. But every website is evolving and tracking often remains behind. New implementations may not always be conceptually well thought out. E.g. initially clean groupings are not updated regularly. And of course: What used to be a best practice is often out of date.


What is the Data Quality Score?

The Data Quality Score now answers our initial question. It is a single measure of the level of data quality in a Webtrekk account. It ranges from 0 to 100, whereby 100 expresses the qualitative ideal – according to our professional experience and assessment. So, you can see from the score how close you are to perfect data. A score above 90 is therefore almost perfect. However, a score below 80 means a lot of potential for improvement, which should definitely be exploited.

In the last few weeks we have developed a standardized test and have already applied it to many of our customers. The result is a comprehensive, standardized picture of the current data quality within our customer base. This means that industry benchmarks are also available.

The test itself is based on a total of 20 individual parameters in 6 categories:

- Basis: Is the basic setup up to date? Is the tracking triggered in time?

- Pages: Are webpages measured and categorized correctly?

- Actions: Can actions and events be meaningfully evaluated?

- Products and Conversions: Have conversion points been setup?

- Marketing: Are marketing campaigns correctly and completely measured and meaningfully categorized?

- Other: Are other Webtrekk tracking functionalities such as form and teaser tracking used?

Points are assigned to each of these test parameters, from which the evaluation of the categories and the Data Quality Score itself is then determined.



What are the results so far?

To date, we have already determined the data quality score for 150 of our customers. There has been a very high variance – from customers with a gratifyingly good basis for extensive data-driven activities to customers who still have significantly room for improvement in data usage. We want to support them in a targeted way. And of course, we want to raise the Data Quality Score for further customers.

While in the e-commerce and publishing industries many accounts are at relatively similar quality levels – with some outliers up and down – finance has shown a particularly high variance. We have already gained the impression from our consulting work in recent years that some players are mastering the emerging digitization challenges much better and faster than others. This has now been confirmed once by the evaluation of the scores.

One sees: Having the potential of the Webtrekk solution is not enough. You have to use this potential.


What's next?

As any good analyst knows, reporting is just the beginning. Accordingly, the Data Quality Score is only the beginning on the way to better data. Now it is important to translate the knowledge gained into practical measures. To enable our customers to benefit from this, we provide additional services that actively improve data quality.

- Data Quality Audit: The Data Quality Score is an important basis for taking action. However, it does not yet provide specific recommendations for action. This gap closes the much more comprehensive Data Quality Audit. A Webtrekk consultant examines the website or app on the basis of about 200 individual test parameters. In addition to the audit, one receives an extensive test report.

- Tracking Optimization: Webtrekk has years of experience in developing tracking concepts that cover every aspect of data-driven projects. Accordingly, we are good at optimizing and expanding existing implementations. So, if you want to smooth out your data, we would be happy to develop a solution for you. 

- Data Quality Workshop: A good data quality is a process and a permanent challenge. To facilitate this, we offer a workshop format that specifically deals with strategies and measures to maintain good data quality over the long term. This includes documentation, processes and measures for data hygiene.

- KPI Workshop: As mentioned above, better data leads to better analyses, better decisions, better measures and ultimately to more sales. But even this is not a self-starter. That is why we also offer special workshops to define the best individual key figures that allow profitable insights to be gained from good data.


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