Webtrekk and Mapp:

First-Party Data as the Path to a Truly Personalized Customer Experience


by Webtrekk Founder Christian Sauer and Webtrekk VP Product & Marketing Michael Diestelberg


Digital channels are becoming increasingly relevant for customer acquisition. By integrating Webtrekk’s technology into Mapp’s digital Marketing Cloud, we plan to meet the market needs for a fully integrated marketing solution. In the past years, a great focus was set on gaining customers through walled gardens. In the future, companies will be able to improve the customer experience for their own customers very easily. They will have a strong focus on owned channels like websites, apps and email. The improved activation of the existing customer base always has positive effects: a reduction of the cost per order and increased customer lifetime value – which then again leaves more budget for customer acquisition.

Making companies data-driven
For 15 years, Webtrekk has pushed towards its goal to enable companies to act data-driven. What started with high-quality web tracking, was soon joined by arguably the most powerful analytics solution on the market and has hence developed countless tools for web and app personalization – all to help customers use their data to increase profit. Webtrekk strongly believes in a free and open internet culture, which respects the rights to privacy – a belief we share with Mapp. This can also be seen in the numerous certificates and the verified data protection and data security. 

Aside from promising marketing claims of various service providers, companies find themselves in an environment that has high demands for a truly personalized, highly customizable customer experience. How can I act data-driven? How do I base my daily work on valid data and optimize constantly? How do I use the collected data to create real, measurable added value for my business? “Best of breed” solutions are often not integrated enough – and marketing clouds are often complicated and expensive. 

This is where the joint product vision of Webtrekk and Mapp begins: from data collection, on to data analysis, all the way to activating this value-added data, we offer an all-in-one solution for real use cases that you encounter in your daily business. 

Synergies on many levels
When it comes to data collection, Webtrekk covers web and app – CRM and ERP data can easily be imported into our system as well to show customer attributes and shipping status information. With Mapp, email marketing data will also be available and can be utilized for further campaign analyses or be fed into dashboards. The result: holistic customer intelligence. 

Even more extensive data activation benefits emerge – customized targeting with personalized teasers, overlays and product recommendations are magnified with Mapp thanks to additional channels including user-specific email campaigns and push notification triggers. And with our innovative customer predictions – which are based on sophisticated data science models – user-specific KPIs calculate the conversion probability and estimated order value to address customers with tailored offers.

The goal is to support companies in their customer communication in the owned – and hence relatively low-cost – marketing channels, like email, websites and apps. Wouldn’t it be great to reactivate inactive customers via email, based on their past product interest and the estimated order value? Or to recommend readers of a daily newspaper premium content, based on their reading behavior? 

Benefits for customers
The collaboration of Webtrekk and Mapp will bring numerous advantages for customers of both companies. Webtrekk customers will gain access to more data sources and profit from the integration of analytics and email marketing. In the future, granular segments can be built with Webtrekk and used for one-to-one targeting in the email channel with Mapp. The challenge of synchronizing and unifying analytics and email target groups will soon be a thing of the past. It is our goal to create a workflow that enables targeted and personal customer experiences, based on the insights gained with analytics. 

Mapp customers will gain many more insights on user behavior, going far beyond newsletters and other email activities. Intuitive dashboards, smart product recommendations, and predictions on future behavior are the first integrations planned for enhanced customer intelligence.

Both Webtrekk and Mapp show a clear emphasis on first-party data – own and self-collected information. Not least due to high display marketing costs, first-party data is the ideal solution to manage marketing in owned channels in a highly targeted and effective manner. Webtrekk and Mapp will offer this data competence as a consolidated service – a clear advantage for all customers.

But this is only the beginning. The joint and closely interlinked further development of both solutions will soon make our common vision of a truly personal customer experience become a reality. 

Closing of the transaction, which is subject to applicable regulatory clearances and other customary closing conditions, is expected to occur in the second quarter of 2019. Further information can be found in our press release. At the same time, we invite you to join our free webinar on May 13. Our Head of Key Account Management, Maxi Nelkenbrecher, will provide first insights into the new possibilities Webtrekk and Mapp will offer together.