Digital Intelligence Suite Venus Release

Easier analytics, dynamic automation and more.


New features launching as part of the Digital Intelligence Suite Venus Release simplify your user-centric analytics and automated marketing. Let’s take a look at some of the upgrades that will make your digital marketing easier and more effective.


Predefined Dashboards

User-centric analytics just got easier.

For starters, a series of predefined dashboards will help you get started with the Digital Intelligence Suite right out of the box. Industry-specific dashboards come with your most important metrics included, and position-specific dashboards for CEOs, CMOs, Analysts and more are tailor-made with exactly what they need.

And if the dashboard needs an adjustment to fit exactly what you need (or what your boss wants), then you can copy a predefined dashboard and make it your own.

You can of course still create you own dashboards from scratch – and use the Dynamic Box to embed images, text, screenshots and more – but getting started is a cinch.

Report Quick Filters

We are also introducing Report Quick Filters, which enable you to utilise the powerful Webtrekk Filter Engine in a single click.

What does that look like? Well, say you have a massive report looking at engagement in all countries and on all devices. With the Report Quick Filters, you can easily filter out, say, mobile traffic from Switzerland.

Or maybe a country manager, shop owner or even C-Level manager wants to drill down on a certain social media referrer and certain product. You can keep the report intact and quickly pick out the one slice you want to analyse.

No playing around with custom filter engines or building entirely new reports. Just take the report as is, set your filter values and dissect it to find exactly what you want.

You can also now filter on individual metrics instead of filtering across an entire analysis. So if you are looking at an analysis with multiple metrics on mobile traffic from July through October, you can set a filter on any individual metric within that report that only applies to that single metric (and not the entire analysis).

New metrics and formulas created in Webtrekk Q3 can be made available globally in the Digital Intelligence Suite, as well.

Brand Analysis

In addition, we are launching upgrades to Brand Analysis functions.

To successfully gauge which marketing campaigns and channels are most effective, you must be able to integrate search marketing data – both costs and conversions.

With the Venus Release, you can determine if visits to your website came via brand or non-brand search, even though Google no longer transmits search terms to analytics tools.

In addition, Webtrekk users can now automatically import search marketing campaign costs, including AdWords costs, as part of daily synchs. Drill down into AdWords campaigns and determine which channels are most effective in terms of CPC and CPO.

Video Analytics

New easy-to-use engagement analyses in the Digital Intelligence Suite’s Video Analytics give you richer data about how users consume your video content.

Play through your videos and see heatmap and graphical data about where users did and did not engage with the content. Which parts of your videos were most interesting? Which segments should be replicated? Which should be avoided?

Filter your viewers based on country, video type and much more, and get all your answers in a glance.

Marketing Automation

Historic and Real-Time Behaviour

Your campaigns are getting simpler, too.

Create a single overlay campaign and apply it to segments based on historic data and real-time behaviour.

This opens up loads of possibilities. For example, in addition to displaying a layer with a free shipping code for the historic segment “Big Spenders”, you can display that same layer for a real-time segment like “High Basket Value”.

In other words, you don’t have to wait for someone’s behaviour to become historic. Speak to them with personalised content and offers in real time.

Just define the segments, and let MA deliver your message.

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