Why User-Centric Tracking is the Future

As channels multiply, users are the glue that ties it all together.

A post from Webtrekk CEO

Christian Sauer


You do a lot for your users. You study what they like. You seek their feedback.

And if they are away for awhile, you might even send them a note asking them to stop by.

More than ever, you work for your users.

But they can work for you, too. Because while pleasing users has never been more important, users themselves have never been more valuable. They are the glue between your channels.

We all know that effective analytics is getting more complicated. Long gone are the days when mere cookies would do the trick.

We all know that marketing is getting more complicated, too. The explosion of channels has added new lines to your budget and new headaches to your routine.

But the user – the user brings it all together.

Imagine your iOS app isn’t driving conversion like you want. The website is doing fine – and the web developers are feeling pretty good about themselves – but the iOS app just isn’t converting anyone.

But what if, by looking at individual users and not at separate channels, you see that iOS users are converting 10 times as much as Android users? It’s just that they are converting on their computers, not their iPhones.

Channel-centric tracking would reveal a website that is performing great and an iOS app that needs a new developer. But when those two channels are bound together with the user, you know what’s really going on.

It makes sense that companies have focused on channel-centric tracking. When the only digital properties were websites, that was your channel: Let’s measure the website! Fair enough.

Then there were apps, and people thought: No problem! We’ll measure those, too!

Then there were apps for different devices and different operating systems. And “M. sites” for mobile browsers.

As we all know, old habits die hard: We’ll just measure those, too!

But at some point – probably around the time that each household got its tenth device – it becomes crazy to focus on channels.

Companies these days might have five apps and four websites. It is a waste to assign a team, or even an analyst, to each of these properties.

Instead, focus on the users. Ditch channel-centric. Use user-centric.

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