Digital Intelligence Suite Terra Release

NPS plugin, mobile metrics and search remarketing among the many new features


The Digital Intelligence Suite is more flexible and user-friendly following this week’s Terra Release, which includes upgrades to plugins, mobile tracking, search remarketing and reporting.

Let’s look at what it means for you and your team.

NPS Plugin

Available as an easy-to-launch tag, the NPS Plugin makes it simple to collect and act on customer feedback.

The NPS, or Net Promoter Score, gauges the loyalty of your customers on a 0 to 10 scale.

By sending rankings directly to Webtrekk Analytics, the NPS Plugin lets you create segments based on your users’ feedback. Use Marketing Automation to show your most loyal visitors your newest offers, or to give the “Detractors” group some special treatment.

You can also execute in-depth analytics based on the rankings. For example, did those who gave you a 7 or 8 tend to use certain parts of the website? What is the breakdown of mobile vs desktop usage among users who gave you a 9 or 10? Drill down and build long-term loyalty.

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Mobile and Web Engagement Metrics

Don’t rely on outdated metrics like registered users or downloads. Instead, get a granular overview of your daily, weekly and monthly users – DAU, WAU and MAU – with in-depth engagement metrics.

Use the new engagement metrics to analyse how your users interact with your website and app, and how that relationship evolves over time.

You could, for instance, create a segment for “Users who put something in their shopping cart” and apply it to your different groups. Are more monthly users putting items in their carts now than six months ago? And how long does it take for the average daily user to add that first item to their cart?

You can also dissect active users vs engaged users. So if you run a campaign that boosts total users but does nothing for engagement, then there might be adjustments to make.

Engagement metrics are updated daily, so you won’t have to wait until the end of each month to drill down into your traffic and engagement.

Search Remarketing

Webtrekk Search Remarketing makes it easy to segment your visitors and target them as they continue their journey in Google search.

First, create an audience in AdWords, and copy the remarketing code (known as the AdTag) into Webtrekk.

Next, simply define your segments – basket abandoners, return visitors, etc. – and set up your bids for each segment in AdWords. Done.

PDF Export

Bring your exports to life.

An upgrade to the Webtrekk Analytics export engine now lets you create PDFs that look exactly like your dashboards and reports. A perfect 1-to-1 match.

All of the colours, headers and formatting that liven up your dashboards – including elements contained in the Dynamic Box – are now available in your PDF exports.

Whatever you see in Webtrekk Analytics is what you will get in your PDF.

Scheduled Reports

You have always been able to send ad hoc reports with Webtrekk Q3 and Webtrekk Analytics. But now you can automate the process: Schedule your reports so they reach the right inbox at exactly the right time, automatically.

If your boss wants weekly numbers, schedule a report for 18:00 each Friday. If department heads want a monthly report, get it to them the moment the calendar flips.

Customise the recipients, language, frequency, time of day and email message that accompany the report.

There’s more!

That’s not all. We have also launched upgrades to a couple of existing features to make them more impactful and easier to use.

Cohorts: New cohort analyses tell you exactly how your visitors and users evolve over time. In this image, for instance, you can see that the number of returning visitors whose first visit was in August 2015 was much higher than visitors whose first visit was in other months. Maybe something new is needed to cultivate loyalty.

Predefined Dashboards for Marketing Automation: You now have access to predefined analytics dashboards that give you a clear, comprehensive overview of your Marketing Automation campaigns. From banners to overlays to search remarketing – whatever type of campaigns you run, easily get the results you need right out of the box.

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