Launch: Dynamic Box, Campaign Wizard and Video Analytics

Our Mercury Release features loads of upgrades across the Digital Intelligence Suite.


It has been a big year for the Digital Intelligence Suite – and it’s getting bigger.

We have already told you about the launch of User Relationship Management and Marketing Automation. With the Digital Intelligence Suite Mercury Release, we are introducing huge upgrades to dashboards, performance and usability.

Let’s go over some of the key improvements and what they mean for the Digital Intelligence Suite.

Dynamic Box

Your dashboards just got a lot cooler.

The new Dynamic Box feature, which has a full HTML editor, lets you present dashboard information in engaging, customisable ways.

Want to discuss how well a certain banner is working? Display the banner right next to the data. Want to look at video performance? Don’t just talk about videos, embed them.

You can even display live screenshots of your website and apps, and use the flexible text field to type out an explanation of the data.

Don’t just report on your data. Make it come to life.

Campaign Wizard

Creating campaigns in Marketing Automation is easier than ever.

The Campaign Wizard guides you through each step. The user experience is straightforward and simple.

You get a clear overview of each step of the campaign, and a clutter-free overview of your different campaign options.

Will you base a campaign on real-time behaviour or a predefined segment? Will you use a banner or a recommendation widget?

Build your content, construct your rules, launch your campaign. It’s never been simpler.

Video Analytics

You now have access to rich, in-depth analyses of your videos and streams.

The new Video Analytics feature, available in the Digital Intelligence Suite, lets you dissect your videos any way you want.

See in a glance which parts of your videos were most popular. Quickly identify weak spots and discover how your viewers are consuming your content. Skipping ahead. Rewinding. Exiting.

The easy-to-understand displays in Video Analytics tell you everything you need to know.

You can even utilise Video Analytics for live streams. Watch how traffic evolves over the course of a stream, including what times have the highest viewership and how long the average viewer sticks around.

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