Release Summary

4 features that just went live in the Webtrekk Suite


1. New triggers for marketing automation

Real-time triggers can now be used to fire automated marketing campaigns.

That means anything that a user does on a page can act as a trigger: clicking a link, adding an item to a cart, playing a video and so on.

If someone clicks on a download link, for example, then you can add them to a remarketing list and target them later on Facebook, Google Search and more.

Here are some more details about using real-time behavior with Webtrekk Onsite Marketing.

Don't have Onsite Marketing? Want to know more? Get in touch!

2. Wildcards available in all Analytics filters

You can use wildcards in Webtrekk Analytics, letting you quickly run comprehensive analyses and reports.

Let’s say that you want to look at the total number of orders per device. You can simply create a device analysis and plug a wildcard in for the “Order ID”:

Then you will have every order, sorted by device:

Additional info about filter options available here.

3. Secondary axis

The secondary axis enables easy comparisons between totally different metrics in a single chart.

Suppose you want to look at the total number of page impressions and the returning visit rate.

Page impressions will be in the thousands, returning visit rate will never be more than 100. You can’t do much with that:

The secondary axis solves this problem. Just click on your second metric, returning visit rate, and select “Show in chart (secondary axis)”:

Then you have your numbers side-by-side, organized in a meaningful way:

Check out some more details on utilizing the secondary axis.

4. iOS SDK available for Apple TV

Version 4.2 of our iOS SDK lets you track behavior on Apple TV.

Treat Apple TV like any other device. Understand conversion, engagement, retention, etc., and merge your IoT data with data from your other devices.

Not already using Webtrekk's iOS SDK? Contact Support or, if you're feeling brave, get the code directly via CocoaPods.

You can read about additional feature releases here. If you have questions or want a demo of what's new, get in touch!

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