Pokémon Go and Geolocation Marketing

What Pokémon Go can teach us about location data and marketing campaigns

By Content Manager David Vranicar


Pokémon Go has highlighted the power of geolocation technology.

Geolocation is the foundation for the entire game, whose homepage declares:

Explore cities and towns where you live—and even around the globe—to capture as many Pokémon as you can.

Of course, geolocation technology goes way beyond catching Pokémons. There are numerous ways for you to leverage your users’ geolocation data to deliver impactful messages and relevant offers.

Webtrekk Marketing Automation, for instance, lets you combine geolocation data with a variety of other parameters.

If you have special offers running in a certain country you could run layers, banners, messages or other campaigns designed specifically for visitors from that country.

Just select your parameter, in this case “Country”, and set your target group:

Applying that setting to a campaign will ensure that only your German visitors see it.

As Pokémon Go has shown, however, geolocation is more effective the more localised and personalised you get.

That’s why Webtrekk offers geolocation options that go much deeper than country, enabling you to get truly personalised by matching your location data with other parameters.

Here is how you could target German shoppers who viewed “shoe” products:

Or Bavarian shoppers looking for clothing:

Or Bavarian shoppers looking for expensive clothing:

It doesn’t need to be products, though. Here is how a publisher could target Berlin readers and viewers interested in “Airport”-related content:

Just as Pokémon Go became a hit by leveraging data already available, you can leverage the data that you are already collecting on all devices to deliver relevant content and drive engagement.

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