Webtrekk Pixel v5

4 reasons to upgrade to v5 of the Webtrekk Pixel

Now available!


1. Your last manual pixel update ever

Starting with Version 5 of the Webtrekk Pixel, you will be able to update to the latest version by simply clicking an icon next to your pixel container:

To enable the one-click update, you just have to replace the webtrekk.js on your website with TI-Loader Script, which can be found in the Webtrekk Support Center. And then – we promise – you will never have to touch the pixel script again. All future updates will be of the one-click variety.

If you are using a "v3" version of the Webtrekk Pixel, then you can upgrade with a few simple steps. Once that is up and running, all future pixel upgrades can be executed with a click in Tag Integration.

Finally, if you aren't using (the free!) Tag Integration, no sweat. Just contact your Webtrekk consultant or support@webtrekk.com to get up-and-running.

2. Enabled for the Cross Device Bridge

Pixel v5 enriches your data by connecting to the Cross Device Bridge, an optional, cooperative pool of shared device data.

The Cross Device Bridge, which merges data from various sources around an anonymized email, lets you fill in all of your device blind spots.

Participating companies are guaranteed to receive 100% as much information as they contribute to the pool.

For more details, please contact info@webtrekk.com.

3. Catalog view tracking

Websites and apps increasingly rely on a “catalog” view: After a visitor or user has scrolled a bit, a new set of products or recommendations appears on the same page, creating a virtual catalog.
This is great for user experience – but tricky for analysts. How can you measure the performance of the newest products that appear? And how can you account for their position within the catalog?
Catalog view tracking solves this problem. Even if the user does not flip to a different page or screen, you will get a complete overview of the catalog items that are loading: price, color, categories and the exact position within the catalog.

More details about Catalog View Tracking are available here!

4. No downward compatibility

We are focusing on bringing awesome new features to our customers. That's why we're sunsetting older versions of the Webtrekk pixel.

As a result, websites using v2 or v3 pixels will not have immediate access to all updates.

If you want to make sure you have the most up-to-date version of the Webtrekk Pixel, get in touch with your consultant, or write to support@webtrekk.com.

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