Goodbye, Pixel v3!

Why our new tracking pixel is our best ever, and how you can upgrade today (note: it's easy).

A post from Webtrekk Product Manager Marketing Automation Johannes Weissensel


The heart of Webtrekk’s data collection is lovingly known as the "pixel". After two years of upgrades, we are excited to launch the fourth version of the Webtrekk pixel – v4.

Pixel v4 offers a completely new way to track your site. Instead of data being processed with specific Webtrekk JavaScript variables, the pixel creates a universal data layer, making tracking more flexible and analytics data more actionable. With this layer, your data – all of your data, from mobile usage to transaction history to lifetime customer value – is integrated with your marketing solutions.

The v4 upgrade also allows you to configure your tracking 100% in Tag Integration. Easily customise exactly how you want your websites and apps to be tracked, without needing IT to adapt the source code of your page.

Basically, v4 is a huge upgrade.

If you are currently using v3, fear not. Switching to v4 has numerous advantages, and it’s easy. Let’s take a look.

Why to v4 Switch?

• The new pixel was completely refactored and now has a simpler, more powerful configuration and structure.

• Implementing v4 gives you the ability to use Webtrekk Tag Integration, a configuration interface for all of your Webtrekk and third-party tracking needs.

• In addition to tracking, Tag Integration enables you to easily launch integrated Webtrekk solutions like Marketing Automation, as well as Webtrekk plugins (such as the new NPS plugin) and those from other providers.

• In order to fully concentrate on the further development of v4, we will stop development of the v3 pixel at the end of March 2016. Support will expire at the end of the year.

• When you make the switch from v3 to v4, you will get four weeks of Marketing Automation for free! That includes exit intent layers, onsite recommendations, personalised banners and more!

And how can I change from v3 to v4?

We designed Pixel v4 to be as easy-to-implement as possible.

The existing tracking configuration (sometimes called “pixelation”) of the site does not need not be adjusted. This means that you can switch to v4 by simply replacing our global JavaScript file.

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