A New Way to Build Analyses and Reports

New table structure makes it easier to build and analyse your data

By Content Manager David Vranicar


A few small changes in Webtrekk Analytics will make a big difference in how you build analyses and reports.

Webtrekk Analytics pivot tables have always let you drill down into different dimensions and look at clustered data. Here, for example, is a pivot table with "Days" and "Browser" type:

This pivot structure is still available, but you now have the chance to turn your pivots into lists with the click of a button:

Switch over to list view, and you can de-cluster your data and sort it according to any metric your want.

For example, instead of viewing all browser data day-by-day, you can sort by “Visits” to check out the best-performing browsers – regardless of the day:

Here is that same day-by-day browser data sorted by average visit duration:

This flexibility makes it easier to sort your data how you want, and to drill down without restrictions on how the data will be arranged.

New table design

One more thing: We recently launched an easier-to-read table design. Three of the biggest changes you will notice involve visualisation bars, heatmaps and the layout of dimensions and metrics.

Visualisation bars

Thick green blocks overlaid on top of the numbers have been replaced by sleeker lines. Here is the before and after:


The old heatmaps were definitely colourful, but the new ones let your data breathe.


Dimensions and metrics and cleanly and clearly distinguished:

These updates make your data more flexible and easier to consume. You can cut down the amount of time and energy it takes to generate insights, and start turning your data into action quicker.

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