Webtrekk Analytics Upgrades

4 reasons to move over to the new Webtrekk Analytics


1. Easy-to-use dashboards

Bring your dashboards to life with Suite Analytics.

There are lots of new features to play with, including the Dynamic Box, a visualization tool that lets you include text, links to other reports, embedded videos and more. You can also incorporate images ranging from screenshots to icons to presentation slides.

The cutting-edge interface makes it easy to reshape, resize and rearrange in no time.

In addition, you can update or add analyses from within your report, or use individual filters for each analysis.

2. User interface has been totally reconstructed

Usability dictated how the Suite was built.

Here is a quick look at the revamped analyses:

3. Analytics is way faster than the previous solution, Q3

The new Analytics is more than 70% faster than Q3.

To speed things up even more, you can use sampled data to build your analyses and reports:

4. It's free!

Switching to Webtrekk Analytics is free for all Webtrekk customers. Just fill out the form on this page or click on this button to launch your Analytics account.

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