Digitising the Non-Digital

Offline should simply be an extension of online.

A post from Webtrekk CEO

Christian Sauer


Combining TV advertising data and digital analytics is about as groundbreaking as combining tomato sauce and pasta.

But when we started doing TV tracking back in 2012, it was a pretty radical idea.

You’ll have to take my word for it.

At the time, there was a wall between offline data – in this case, TV advertising – and online data. Companies simply didn’t go out of their way to integrate offline and online.

TV tracking is still available and is still popular. But in the years since it launched, we have entered an age where all marketing actions can and should touch digital analytics.

TV is a simple example. It’s already digital. You know the exact time that things happen. You know precisely what people saw.

Let’s take a particularly un-digital example: retail.

Despite the explosion of e-commerce, less than 7% of retail sales worldwide will take place online in 2015. Last year, the number was just 5.9%.

This is a multitrillion-euro opportunity for retail marketers and analysts to digitise the seemingly non-digital.

Maybe in-store receipts could have a coupon code that can be activated when the user creates an online account. And everyone with an account automatically receives special offers. And everyone who downloads the app can scan a code at checkout to accumulate loyalty points.

As digital data piles up, suppliers will be able to run better campaigns. Those improved campaigns will generate more sales, more digital interactions, and again more data.

The offline world is already migrating online. This evolution will continue. Some of the things that seem cutting-edge today will seem entirely normal in a couple years.

In the meantime, companies need to make sure that their offline activities can be merged with their online activities.

Better yet, companies should operate as though offline is simply an extension of online.

Sound crazy? Well, once upon a time, so did TV tracking.

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