Safe Harbour: Is Your Data Being Processed Outside Europe?


As the digital world assesses the recent ruling on the EU-US Safe Harbour Framework, we want to clarify that the European Court of Justice decision does not affect Webtrekk.

As you may have heard, on 5 October the ECJ ruled that the EU-US Safe Harbour Framework – which allows American companies to use the same standards for data privacy in the US and Europe – is not valid.

The 15-year-old pact is used by more than 4,000 companies. The ruling affects players in digital analytics and marketing, customer relationship management providers, advertisers and other companies that work with data.

It does not, however, have any impact on Webtrekk. We will maintain our EU Privacy Directive compliance without having to build new data centres or adapt data transfer and data protection practices. All of our servers are located here in Germany and comply with both German and European regulations.

The ECJ ruling cannot be appealed, so affected American companies will now be subject to certain European regulations for the first time.

should consider whether
your existing tools process data outside Europe. If so, it is important to consider how this week's ruling affects your business.

If you have uncertainty about how you are impacted by Safe Harbour and European legal requirements, we are happy to explain how Webtrekk can help.

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