Data Management Platforms: DMP as GPS

Using data to navigate today's marketing traffic jam.

A post from Webtrekk CEO

Christian Sauer

Image from ChinaFotoPress/Getty

Marketing used to be a one-way street. Now it feels more like a Beijing traffic jam.

Today’s CMOs need to navigate TV, print, apps, email, SMS, push notifications, social, in-game advertising and whatever comes next.
And it’s not just marketers out there. Customers are at every turn. They write about your brand on social media. They rate your products on Amazon. And if they contact you, they expect you to know exactly what happened during your last interaction.

To stay on course amid the chaos, modern marketing requires a user-centric database to store the data you generate from all of your touchpoints. After all, up to 90% of the interactions are anonymous, not connected to a transaction history within your CRM. They are in your digital blind spot.

That’s why Data Management Platforms, or DMPs, are so essential. Whether you use Webtrekk or a different provider, DMPs tell you so much more than a CRM ever could.

How often a non-customer visits. What that non-customer is interested in. Which devices that non-customer uses, and how their behaviour changes on each one.

CRMs don’t know any of this.

Websites and apps produce huge amounts of data, which is wonderful for marketers. The challenge is applying this to other channels. And for that you need a DMP.

Take, for example, a returning visitor to an e-commerce shop. If you know a specific visitor searched for a product yesterday, a DMP will help you determine the product categories the customer is interested in today. Automated marketing software will then help you cut through the noise by making personalised offers.

As a bank, you could try to have the same targeted messaging on your ATM, your app, your website and your counter. Publishers can offer exactly what individual readers and viewers enjoy the most.

Even with the right tools, potential roadblocks are everywhere. Are you offering the right products and services? Are you giving transparent information about status order, returns or even service levels?

But modern marketing won’t get any simpler. So if you are brave enough to venture into the traffic jam, a DMP is the best navigation system you can have.

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