Digital Intelligence Stats

Germany. Q1 2016


Microsoft Edge, Windows 10’s default browser, remains lifeless


✓   Cookie blocking is still on the rise

✓   Increase in tracking blockers on smartphones

✓   1366x768, 1920x1080 and 1600x900 are the most popular screen dimensions

Webtrekk GmbH (, a leading digital intelligence provider, published its Digital Intelligence Stats Germany Q1 2016. The information is based upon data collected from a pool of 856 million visitors, 2.4 billion visits and 11.1 billion page impressions.

In the battle for browser supremacy, Edge, the default browser for Windows 10, barely cracks 1% in the German market. Firefox is still leading with a 43,09% market share, followed by Google Chrome’s 25,70%. On Mac computers, Chrome places third at 14,32%, after Firefox (18,23%) and Safari (67,38%).

Cookie blocking is still on the rise, as well, but without a noticeable jump: Only 11,90% use cookie blockers.

The first quarter of 2016 shows the need to optimise for 16:9 screens – approximately 48% of the users in Germany prefer this resolution. 640x360 is the most popular resolution for smartphones, while 1024x768 is prevailing on tablets.

Google’s search dominance dropped ever so slightly since last quarter, but the California-based giant still dominates search with a 89,90% market share. Bing (4,40%) and Yahoo (1,67%) are the closest competition.

More and more people use their mobile devices to go online (+2,32%), while desktop usage is slowly decreasing.

For smartphone operating systems, iOS9 is leading with 34,17%; iOS8 und iOS7 together share less than 6%. On tablets, iOS9 is the most frequently used version with 52,76%.

As for desktop OS, Apple increased slightly to 11,41%. However, Windows remains market leader with 85,22%. The migration to Windows 10 is still slow, which suggests that users in Germany prefer previous versions.

Apple and Samsung are the leading smartphone manufacturers in Germany, with 41.19% and 33.14% market shares, respectively, followed by Sony at 5,39%. As for the tablets, Apple and Samsung are leading with 66,90% and 20,84%, respectively. Among Android manufacturers, only Huawei can register a slight increase of 0,59%, inching up to 3,40%, ahead of both Nexus und LG.  

About the Digital Intelligence Stats Germany
Since 2006, Webtrekk has been publishing quarterly statistics about the use of operating systems,
browsers, screen resolutions, search engines and the acceptance of third-party cookies. Mobile traffic, devices and operating systems have been part of the statistics since 2010.

The information consists of average values for the German websites analysed by Webtrekk, encompassing high-traffic sites from the fields of e-commerce, financial services, publishing and more.