Suite Release Summary

3 upgrades now available in the Webtrekk Suite


A trio of December upgrades just went live in the Webtrekk Suite. Here are a few of the improvements you can start using today.

1. Funnels redesign

Funnels in your process analyses have a new look, giving you a cleaner overview of each step of your conversion processes.

Know exactly how many visits reach different stages of your funnel, and what percent of those visits continue to the next step.

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Funnel visualization charts apply automatically to all of your process analyses.

Here are some more details about leveraging Webtrekk funnels and process analyses.

2. Catalog view tracking

A new plugin lets you track all products that appear as part of the catalog view, those never-ending lists (or “catalog”) of products that appear when users scroll.

Here, for example, is how Esprit does it. When you get to the bottom of the page, more products appear – even though you stay on the same page:

This can be tricky to analyze because the page stays the same, and the scroll depth is constantly changing.

Catalog View Tracking enables in-depth analysis of products that were seen in the catalog view – the price, color and placement within catalog, as well as what happened after it was viewed.

Additional details about catalog view tracking are available here.

3. Device and OS as marketing triggers

Want to show iOS users one campaign and Android users another? And what about one campaign just for tablets, and a different campaign for laptops?

Now you can use devices and operating systems as triggers for your marketing campaigns.

Use analytics data to identify your most popular items on different devices, and tailor the customer experience around those products. Or you might have seen that iOS users have a higher average order value. If so, feature big-ticket items in your iOS recommendations.

You can also avoid roadblocks to conversion: If your mobile users are dropping out when they see a certain form, shorten the form for mobile devices.

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