Customer Success Driving Principles

By Spencer Altman,
Head of Customer Success


My preferred definition of Customer Success is:

“To build more proven value faster for both the customers and your company.”

How does customer success lead to service provider success?

The two sides of this relationship can be linked via customer satisfaction.

Customer Success with product (in €) leads to customer satisfaction leads to service provider revenues (in €)

If customers are successful with a product, then they are more satisfied with the product. If customers are more satisfied with a product, then they are more likely to keep the product and more likely to buy products/services from the service provider. Keeping customers and selling more services directly help the profit and revenue of the service provider.

Importance of the maxim

This may seem like a child’s game and rather simplistic. But it is critical.

The above framework can drive the entire Customer Success initiative. And as I have discovered first-hand, the Customer Success initiative will end up going beyond just a person or  team in the organization of the service provider. It will be a part of the DNA of how a company functions. As part of the DNA, it is then fundamental in driving and directing how the company goes about meeting its objectives and how all teams in the company work together – primarily client services, sales, marketing, product/IT and even finance/accounting (particularly when it comes to billing topics which is also a customer contact point).

The broader vision of bringing Customer Success into the DNA of the company is a longer-term approach. Let us not forget it though!

So let us go back to the graphic.

This drives our vision, which helps determine short-, medium- and long-term projects. It drives our KPIs. These KPIs then can drive projects, mini-projects and day-to-day tasks.

The KPIs are critical as then the success of projects, tasks and day-to-day actions should be driven by the maximization of those KPIs. The KPIs drive the prioritization and help give people focus in their day-to-day work.


Spencer Altman is Webtrekk's Head of Business Consulting. Since joining Webtrekk in 2009, he has been working with companies around the world to help them get the most out of their digital business. His journey in digital analytics began in 2006 as Business / KPI Analyst for, a social network based in the UK. Previously, he spent six years at Accenture in Business Process Consulting in Telecommunications. Spencer can be reached at and followed on Twitter @spenceraltman.