Mars Release

Deep link attribution and recommendation API among the features launching with the Mars Release.


The Mars Release has launched. Let's take a look at what that means for your data and your marketing.

New Android SDK with deep link attribution

Webtrekk’s new Android SDK (v4.03) lets you stitch together user behaviour across your different mobile assets.

Let’s say someone is using a mobile browser, and they click on a link that automatically opens your app. With Webtrekk, that will never look like two different sessions – one on the mobile site, one in the app – but instead one integrated journey.

Or suppose someone clicks on one of your Facebook ads, but they do not yet have your app. They will be redirected to an app store, where they download your app.

The new SDK ensures that you know exactly which ad generated that download, and can link engagement back to that ad.

The iOS version of the SDK will be available in Q3 2016.

Recommendation API

The Recommendation API lets you leverage your Webtrekk tracking data and user profiles to fire personalised content with your CMS, your app, even your email tool.

The analytics backbone of your recommendations is the same. The only difference: You have total control over the appearance and placement.

All of the user-centric, cross-device profiles that you build in the Digital Intelligence Suite are more actionable than ever.

Personalise analysis access

Customise access rights with just a couple clicks.

Simply select users within your account and individualise exactly what each one can do.

Can they open an analysis, or also edit it? Can they delete reports? What about sharing them?

You can also tag analyses with a label, and coworkers with access to that label automatically have access to the analyses. This way, you can deliver exactly what your boss wants with a few simple tags.


That’s not all. There are a handful of other features going live with the Mars Release. Here is a quick overview:

Cohorts Dashboard: Webtrekk Analytics now comes with powerful, predefined cohort analysis dashboards (pictured above). You can dissect your users any way you want, and the cohort dashboard will display data segment-by-segment.

Shopware Plugin:
Use a plugin in your shop system to collect data without having to do a full tracking pixel implementation. It works the same way you would use a plugin in WordPress, for example: Just install it and start collecting your data automatically.

Cookie Consent Plugin: The Cookie Consent Plugin is an easy way to stay compliant with European law, which requires a cookie notice to be displayed to all users. The plugin can identify users who have already clicked “OK”, so you won’t spam your users on each visit.

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