Convert basket abandoners

Marketing Automation


Problem: You want to remind basket abandoners to buy their abandoned items, but you don’t want to send a reminder to users who will make purchases anyway.

Use Webtrekk Analytics and URM to analyse the perfect starting time for your reminders, and use Marketing Automation to start your marketing campaign.

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Identify the best moment to start with your remarketing and define a segment in Webtrekk URM.

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Configure your newsletter or display campaign in Marketing Automation.

Email remarketing is one of the best ways to bridge the gap between shopping cart abandoners and their near-purchase.

Therefore, it is essential to connect customers IDs (which tells you exactly who abandoned) to email addresses (which tells you exactly how to reach them).

But even if you have the email of someone who came oh-so-close to a purchase, there are a few simple guidelines for trying to reengage shopping cart abandoners.

1. The overall number of emails should not exceed three. There is a fine line between "gentle reminder" and "obnoxious spam". As a general rule, that fine line lies at the third email.

2. The privacy policy needs to be taken into account. Basically, that means that a company has no right to fire out emails unless they have got permission from the abandoner. To that end, the terms of service agreed to upon registering with an email should allow companies to execute email marketing.

3. The principle of overlapped devices must be followed. For instance, when a customer abandones a product on a tablet and then buys it from a personal computer, it is crucial to ensure that he/she is not receiving any reminder emails about something that they already purchased.

Of course, sometimes it makes sense to send a reminder to people who have spent a certain (long) amount of time on a product page but didn’t ever place anything in the cart. In those instances, these same tips can be followed.

Tips from Elizaveta Permyakova