Integrate returns – and improve your reports



Product returns are never good news. They mean your customers weren’t entirely satisfied with their purchase. They mean that you have to spend resources receiving, assessing and reselling the returned items.

Returns also muddy up your order intake numbers – and by extension, muddy up your data.

Revenue projections, after all, are directly linked to orders. And when these order numbers fluctuate – when what used to be a sale suddenly turns into a return – revenue that was booked suddenly vanishes

While Webtrekk can’t guarantee your customers’ satisfaction, we can help ensure that your data reflects returns. This way, your numbers will revenue numbers will evolve in real time, as returns are booked.


Import information on returned products.

Enrich your reports with additional data.

How does it work? Well, typically, the moment that part (or all) or a purchase is returned, your order intake numbers become inaccurate: Revenue that has already been recorded stays recorded, even though the product has been returned.

Webtrekk Analytics solves this problem by allowing you to import your return data and incorporate it directly into your reports. Your reports will then immediately reflect the real-time reality, not the reality before the return.

Simply create a parameter for return value by importing in the returned products’ Order ID, name and value. This data can then be incorporated into reports.

As you can in the above-right image, the different between “Value Purchased Products” is sometimes different than “Value Purchased Products after Returns”. By accounting for this discrepancy, you can make sure that the headaches caused by returns don’t extend to your reports.