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If you are in a room with two or more people, chances are that you can see a mobile device this very second. And if not, a glance out the window should do the trick.

The growth of mobile devices is plain to the naked eye. And statistics confirm what we see everyday. Last year, network giant Cisco published a paper on global mobile data usage. According to the report, mobile data traffic grew 81 percent in 2013 – that was on top of 70 percent growth in 2012 – and the average amount of traffic per smartphone grew 50 percent.

And not just because a few people can’t get off their phones: In 2010, the top 1 percent of mobile users consumed more than half of all mobile data traffic; that number has plunged to just 10 percent.

All of which is to say, if you don’t know exactly what’s happening with your mobile traffic and apps, you don’t know what’s happening.

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Track the activities of visitors using your mobile site and apps.
Analyse that data in Webtrekk Analytics and compare it to your onsite data.

Webtrekk Mobile Insights, a feature of Webtrekk Analytics, enables you to create mobile content groups just as you would for your regular website.

A typical analysis for conventional web traffic might look at, say, the number of page impressions on the start page from a certain country, and how many conversions those page impressions created.

Well, with Mobile Insights, you can conduct a similar analysis, but make it richer by accounting for all things mobile. So instead of blindly tracking page impressions on your start site – and therefore not accounting for the rapidly expanding chunk of mobile traffic – you can segment for mobile traffic.

This will allow you to drill down deeper and ask questions to optimise your mobile presence. What is the difference in conversion rate between mobile and PC users? Are mobile users more likely to be looking for specific items or content? What is the average visit length on PC vs mobile?

Far from simply scooping up info on your mobile traffic, Webtrekk’s Digital Intelligence Suite lets you act on this data. Let’s say you operate a hotel booking site, and you notice that your mobile traffic tends to hunt for last-minute hotel reservations, while your desktop traffic is more likely to be booking weeks or months in advance.

Well, thanks to integration between Webtrekk Analytics and Webtrekk Marketing Automation, you can set up campaigns that account for device usage. Target mobile visitors with hotel deals. Target desktop visitors with multi-day holiday packages. Understand and leverage your visitors’ needs, and drive your profit as a result.