Find and fix broken links



There are lots of guaranteed ways to annoy visitors. Show them the same advertisements over and over (and over). Automatically play music on the homepage. Pop-ups. Hidden contact information.

No list of website don’ts would be complete without broken links. Indeed, linking directly to a 404/403 error page is among the most foolproof of methods to irk your visitors.

And it’s not always simple to solve the problem. After all, it’s not like people embed faulty links on purpose. They result from URL changes, deleted files, outdated pages. Or, as the website put it, “the net spirits are against you.”

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Select the Pages analysis.



Set the custom filter to find 404/403 pages.

The Webtrekk Digital Intelligence Suite can help. You can know not only how often error pages have been visited, but also identify – and fix – the links that sent your visitors there.

It’s easy. Just select the “Pages” analysis. Then, set the filter so that “Pages” equals “404_page” and “Pages” equals “403_page”. The Suite will then analyse the number of times visitors landed on such pages.

But don’t stop there. Drill down deeper by using the “analysis object” for previous pages, and then filter for 404/403 pages. Once you have identified which pages are leading visitors to 404 pages, then you simply have to identify which link on that page is sending your visitors to a dead end.