Digitalization Study 2017


Digitalization is dominating daily business. Companies are realizing that data is a precursor to success, inspiring digital transformations across every industry. In our most recent survey, we looked at what exactly this transformation means for modern business.

We analyze digital transformation in four stages: The first stage, the foundation for digitization, introduces the usage of web analytics tools. The second and third stages witness the use of data warehouses and data management platforms, respectively. When reaching the fourth stage, companies have the capabilities to connect online and offline data.

The survey shows that holistic and cross-device communication is recognized as a key competitive advantage – even for companies whose transformation is in its infancy. The results also reflect that the companies who participated in this survey consider data ownership and data privacy as crucial topics in the future development.

Find out which opportunities and challenges companies face during each stage of the digitization process, and how companies can protect their data at every turn.

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