Digital Data Insights 2018


The study on digital data by HDM Stuttgart, in association with Webtrekk, shows that German companies believe in the economic potential in using their own digital media and are planning to heavily invest in future data storage and analysis.

84% view using customer intelligence and analytics as a way of optimizing the customer-oriented actions of their companies. Data and analytics initiatives are expected to boost sales and strengthen customer loyalty.

The surveyed companies rely on the collection and use of their own data (first party data).  68% are concerned about the data power of large platforms and therefore desire data ownership. 

Find out more about the status quo, trends and perspectives of digital data in 2018.

Read full study (in German).


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The Team

Christian Sauer
Founder & CEO
Webtrekk GmbH
TEL +49 (0)30 755 415 0

Jürgen Seitz
Professor for Marketing, Media and Digital Economy
Hochschule der Medien (HdM), Stuttgart
TEL +49 (0) 711 8923-2741