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Graphic Digitalization Study

Webtrekk Digitalization Study 2017

Digitalization is dominating daily business. Companies are realizing that data is a precursor to success, inspiring digital transformations across every industry. In our most recent survey, we looked at what exactly this transformation means for modern business.

Web Analytics Survey-Study: D-A-CH 2015

The DACH region is our home, and we see how digital is changing business and reshaping business models.

Performed in conjunction with the  BVDW ,this Web Analytics study shows where D-A-CH countries sit along the digital analytics maturity curve and what is on the agendas of the D-A-CH region's leading companies and executives.



web analytics survey uae

Web Analytics Survey-Study: UAE 2015

The UAE market is quickly growing - deriving value out of Web Analytics data, and the users behind it, is essential. Learn about how the UAE views the reliability of data from a free tool versus a paid one, the main solutions that are used, and where the UAE sits along the Web Analytics maturity curve.

This web analytics survey-study is developed by analytics center, the analytics thought leadership and knowledge center for the Middle East.

web analytics survey turkey

Web Analytics Survey-Study: Turkey 2015

Turkey’s digital analytics market is growing right along with its economy. In order to understand where analytics in Turkey is today — and to get a better idea of where it is heading tomorrow — Webtrekk carried out surveys with Turkish analysts, agencies, business leaders and executives.

This report offers a snapshot of the goals, organisation and strategy of Turkish analytics market across industries.

Digital Intelligence Statistics

Digital Intelligence Stats, Germany

Q4 2016

The tablet market is shrinking

  Yahoo! – Search engine falls below 1%

iOS10 prevails on the mobile devices

Android Nougat fails to reach a significant market share

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Digital Intelligence Stats, Germany

Q3 2016

HbbTV in Germany is gaining ground.

Usage of mobile devices edges forward.

Windows 10 upgrade is on the rise.

Firefox loses ground.


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Digital Intelligence Stats Q1 2016

Digital Intelligence Stats, Germany

Q2 2016


  On mobile, Android is widening the gap

  On browsers, Chrome continues to rise

  Huawei closing in on HTC


See the Q2 2016 numbers for yourself


Digital Intelligence Stats, Germany

Q1 2016


  Cookie blocking still on the rise: +1,22%

  Optimise for 16:9 screens: 1366x768, 1920x1080, 1600x900

  Edge (Windows 10) fails to gain market share: <1%


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Digital Intelligence Stats, Germany

Q4 2015


  Adoption of Android Marshmallow, released Sep. 16, is slow.

  Microsoft Edge – “Spartan” – enters browser market at 1,8%.

  Top 3 screen resolutions for desktop, mobile and tablet.


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Digital Intelligence Stats, Germany

Q2 2015


  Think mobile first! And go beyond a cookie-only diet.

  Almost 10% of all users are still on XP and Vista!

  Optimise your UX for 16:9 and 16:10 screen resolutions.


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digital intelligence stats germany Q1 visual

Digital Intelligence Stats, Germany

Q1 2015


  iOS dominates gaming.

  40% of e-commerce activity is done on mobile.

  A whopping 80% of banking is still done on desktop.


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web analytics survey china

Web Analytics Survey-Study: China 2015

No one does digital like China. The Middle Kingdom boasts the world's largest e-commerce market, the most smartphones and more Internet users than any other country. And these numbers are only going up. This survey gives an overview of where China's analytics landscape is today, and offers clues about where the world's biggest digital market is heading.