Online Lead, Offline Conversion

How Webtrekk helps Expedia merge worlds.


Offline conversions often start as online leads. No one knows this better than travel giant Expedia, which uses Webtrekk User Relationship Management (URM) to merge their online and offline worlds.

Expedia has been at the forefront of transforming online travel into a multibillion-euro industry. A major reason why is the company’s emphasis, from the very beginning, on using data as the foundation of its corporate culture.

Of course, a data-driven culture requires rich, reliable data. And Webtrekk User Relationship Management (URM) is one of the solutions that Expedia uses to enrich its data by merging online and offline activities.

How it works

If a company wants to organise a meeting, conference or other business event, research often starts with search engine queries. Expedia targets such searches with advertising designed to generate interest in the company’s own event planning services: Click on a banner, get to an Expedia website, make an online contact request.

If the process ended there – if all Expedia wanted to know was how many clicks their ads generated – then traditional web analytics would work just fine. But the process does not end there, and what happens next is beyond traditional analytics.

After the potential customer contacts Expedia, the process turns offline: Emails, phone calls and, eventually, a contract. Pure analytics software is blind to all of that.

But thanks to Webtrekk URM, Expedia is able to link each of those offline interactions to the original campaign. Information about how often deals were closed, how long the sales process took, how much revenue was generated and so on, can be integrated with the original analytics data.

Offline, meet online.

Going beyond analytics

Webtrekk’s ability to merge online and offline enables a meaningful, multidimensional analysis of online marketing activities. Offline data that sits in a CRM and collects dust is next to worthless. But when it is combined with online analytics data and subjected to rigid analyses – that is when genuine, actionable insights occur.

With Webtrekk, Expedia analyses even the most complex interactions. The result: Expedia has information not just about leads, but about the accounts and turnover generated from those leads.

Expedia can therefore optimise its marketing mix and make sure that its decision-making foundation – data – is as strong as ever.

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