Using Facebook and User-Centric Data

to Drive Engagement and Sales


72% conversion increase | 24% bounce rate reduction

DefShop is an online fashion shop for streetwear and hip-hop clothing with a target group that can easily be reached via social media. Defshop's Facebook posts advertising specific products were great for generating traffic – but often with high bounce rates and low conversion rates. That is where Webtrekk stepped in to fuel a 72% conversion increase and 24% bounce rate reduction.

The challenge

DefShop’s Facebook campaigns link directly to the details page of specific products. Users can buy then buy the item, search for something else or leave the site.

Too often, they were doing the latter – leaving. So DefShop used Webtrekk to keep users engaged, and keep them moving towards a purchase.

The solution

Webtrekk Marketing Automation, part of the Digital Intelligence Suite, lets companies like DefShop offer personalised product recommendations for different target groups.

In the case of DefShop, recommendations were set up on the product overview pages. These recommendations were then shown to every user who came via Facebook campaigns. Each of these users was then shown the most purchased products in the same Facebook campaign, along with other relevant products.

That meant less hassle for the user if the original clicked product was not quite right, and ensured that everything the user saw corresponded to his or her interests.

The result

Thanks to Webtrekk Marketing Automation, key indicators of the Facebook campaigns improved significantly: The conversion rate increased by 72%, bounce rate decreased by 24% and revenue increased by 21%.

DefShop is now able to target and service their users better by optimising its landing pages and presenting relevant offers and information. This enhances the user's experience and the company's success.

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