How AXA Health Keeper

did advanced email segmentation


+60% newsletter engagement


AXA Health Keeper, operated by multinational insurance and asset management company AXA, is a Spanish-language information hub designed to promote healthy living.

AXA Health Keeper engages with clients and prospects on a number of channels, including social media, blog and newsletter.

AXA Health Keeper wanted to increase engagement for new insurance policies with more personalised, targeted email newsletters, and they used Webtrekk DMP to do exactly that.


The key to increasing engagement is providing relevant content based on segmented customer groups. For a company the size of AXA – present in nearly 60 countries and serving more than 100 million clients – that can be easier said than done.

So to execute the sort of personalisation they wanted for their newsletters, AXA needed to identify and segment users with specific behaviours from their global audience. They also needed to integrate that user-centric data with their email tool.


Because they use Webtrekk Analytics and Webtrekk DMP, each part of the Digital Intelligence Suite, AXA was able to find and group users based on interests and online behaviour.

AXA identified users who went to pages related to running. These users were then put into a “running” segment because they had a proven interest in running. (The same sort of data could be used to create segments based on any interest.)

Once AXA had this segmented data about users interested in running, they uploaded the segment into their email solution.

By creating a new mailing list or simply segmenting within an existing list, this “running” segment was used to send newsletters tailored to people who had an interest in running. Running tips, running products, running events and so on.

AXA knew that the content would be relevant because they knew their users.


By utilising user-centric data and personalising content, AXA Health Keeper got a huge boost in newsletter engagement.

The newsletter click-through rate of the targeted campaigns jumped by 60% compared to the untargeted campaigns.

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