Customer Stories by Webtrekk


67% fewer ad impressions per signup

See how Südkurier Medienhaus, a publisher based in Konstanz, Germany, utilized Webtrekk segments and layers to increase the efficiency of newsletter signup campaigns.

Webtrekk understands our business. I don't see Webtrekk as just tool.
I see Webtrekk as a partner that helps us with our challenges.

Özgür Dogan, Chief Marketing Office at Hepsiburada


Advanced Email Segmentation

How AXA Health Keeper used Webtrekk to boost newsletter engagement by 60%.

Drive Sales with Facebook and User-Centric Data

How Defshop used Webtrekk and Facebook to reduce bounce rates by 24% and increase conversion rate by 72%.


Online Lead, Offline Conversion

Offline conversions often start as online leads. No one knows this better than travel giant Expedia, which uses Webtrekk User Relationship Management (URM) to merge their online and offline worlds.

One major thing about Webtrekk is the element of data ownership. That's a major differentiator. It's Webtrekk's philosophy. Owning the data and being able to do whatever you want with it is central. Everything else is secondary.

Florian Heinemann, Managing Director at Project A Ventures


How Tweakers Optimised Visitor Interactions

"Because of the data provided by Webtrekk, we now know what matters to visitors and we have used this information for a redesign and better usability." How much better? A year over year increase of 10% more CPC revenue.

Tackling Digital Marketing in the Banking Industry

See how a leading European bank used Webtrekk to simplify forms used by customers to order online bank products and generate a 27% increase in completed applications.


I love the predictions. They let us know which user might be valuable in the future.

Siegfried Stepke, Founder and CEO at e-dialog


The Myth of Accidental Tablet Clicks

This customer story looks at how InSkin Media, an advertising technology business that specialises in creating and delivering online branding campaigns, teamed with Webtrekk to track multi-device activity.