Raw Data

Effective & Straightforward Data Exports


Webtrekk has been successfully operating since 2004. With us, you can easily export, merge and enrich Web, App and TV data to your business intelligence data warehouse.

  • Export and import data in different formats without limitation
  • Combine Webtrekk data with data in or from third-party systems
  • Have full access to all raw data

“A reliable partner is key for integrating data. With Webtrekk we were not only capable of exporting raw data in an easy and effective way, but also to enrich it with other data. Being able to plug into historic data significantly improved the productivity and efficiency of our project.”

Piotr Birketoft, MAVA, Senior Digital Analytics Specialist


MAVA is a Copenhagen-based digital agency specializing in KPI reports and digital analytics. MAVA is the Danish Digital Library’s agency and are responsible for making relevant library data available to the public.

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