Customize Responses Based on Your Own Data


Customer satisfaction means engaging people via marketing channels with relevant and personalized information. To successfully provide personalized content it is essential to use a first-party database. Highest priority should be placed on merging contact identification with website visits and device-type data so that relevant content is displayed at exactly the right moment. With this, you can fine-tune target groups and marketing messages. Your organization will profit from less wastage and significantly higher conversion rates.

  • Easily import and export segments and customer information
  • Form anonymized data profiles from multiple sources
  • GDPR compliant remarketing without restrictions

"Real personalization means reaching the right contact, on the right channel, at the right time, with the right message. Successful companies capture, analyze and use information from a variety of sources. With Webtrekk, bring your data together and easily merge and deliver it to the relevant devices, while remaining 100% compliant with data-protection regulations."

Norman Wahnschaff, Founder/CTO, Webtrekk