Analytics Engine

Highest Standard Raw Data Analytics


Meaningful analysis must be based on all available data. Only data that is not influenced by sampling or aggregation is truly unbiased. Raw data gives an undistorted picture and is the silver bullet for great data analysis.

With Webtrekk, it is possible to combine almost any metric and dimension. Design your own KPIs and be free to filter your own data, your own way.

  • Extensive analytical capabilities thanks to complete raw data
  • High-quality dashboard visualization of your data with flexible configuration options
  • Retroactive data calculation is possible any time

“As an e-commerce company, MYTOYS GROUP pursues a data-driven approach and makes data-based decisions. Here, the Webtrekk Analytics Engine helps us on a raw data basis. This raw data enables us to create metrics and dimensions individually for each shop and, thanks to the extensive dashboards, our KPIs are clearly and easily viewable at all times.”

Julia Blessin, Teamlead Web Analytics, MYTOYS GROUP


The MYTOYS GROUP uses Webtrekk to merge shopping baskets from different systems in order to analyze them in a holistic way. A total of four different shopping systems need to be integrated in order to see the full checkout process. This is one reason why MYTOYS GROUP uses customizable dashboards. More than 100 reports are merged into these dashboards where data is presented in a clear and easy to understand visualization.