Analytics Engine

The most powerful engine


Benefit from expertise in data collection since 2004. We promise the very best data quality for your business intelligence.

  • Raw data usage without any technical limitation
  • valuable visualization with freely configurable dashboards
  • design your own KPIs and filter as you like

„As an eCommerce company, the MYTOYS Group works data driven and makes data driven decisions. The Webtrekk Analytics engine, based on raw data, is of great help for this approach. We are able to adjust metrics and dimensions individually for every shop. Through endless dashboards, we gain the possibility to visualize our KIPs conveniently and at any time. 


The MyToys Group utilizes Webtrekk to merge shopping baskets from different systems and to analyze them in an integrated way. Four different shopping systems need to be displayed in a shared checkout process. The MyToys group hence regularly uses freely configurable dashboards. More than 100 reports are merged here and display the data through visualization. 

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