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Deliver the best offer.


You cannot make your users happy until you understand what they want. Drill down to determine exactly what they are looking for, and let your website and apps adapt to each user individually.


Travel industry white paper:

Generating Revenue From Your Onsite and App Data

Device targeting

Target based on device brand
Push pricier offers to users with expensive devices.
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Travel history

Use historic data
Use optimal ads based on the historic data of customer bookings.
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Understand purchase patterns
Recognise regularities and patterns to push certain offers at the right time.
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Cross-selling potential
Boost revenue by enticing customers to buy extra, related packages.
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App Engagement

Use Webtrekk to collect valuable user data, and send notifications and updates based on their customer profile. If they recently browsed certain offers but did not make a purchase, then send them a reminder. If they show repeated interest in specific items, send a coupon. Communicate with them directly on their devices.

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Historic data

Utilise data about what your users have already done on your website and app. Display last-seen offers and content based on association rules – “Users who looked at that also liked this!” Let your website and apps evolve in real time to meet the interests and needs of your users.

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