Make the right call, every time.


Webtrekk gives telecom operators insights into what their customers want, and gives them the tools to turn these insights into personalised, automated offerings.


Order status tracking

Measure cart abandonment and order conversion. Understand the structure of your order funnel, uncover upselling opportunities and analyse the status of your orders.

Product recommendations

Understand the profile of your visitors and recommend plans and phone models tailored to their predicted needs. Upsell with on-site, in-session and email product recommendations.

Customer lifetime value

All customers are not created equal. Predict which ones are worth the most to your business and manage your offers accordingly.


Churn and customer lifetime value go hand-in-hand. Determine churn based on user data, as well as pre- and in-session behaviour.

Telecom industry white paper:

Recommended Revenue-Driving Measures From Your Onsite Data

Churn risk

Identify potential churners
Use search behaviour to know if a customer wants to quit an existing contract.
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Merging data

Online data for in-store communication
Use info about relevant offers and products when customers are inside your store.
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Stranded customers

Identify stranded customers
Know which customers searched for a user guide or instruction manual.
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