Multichannel Retail

Include an awesome customer experience with every purchase.

Ensure that all of your channels lead to a great experience. Merge all of your customer data – online and offline, mobile and PC – and use it to personalise each of your customer interactions. Every customer is different. Treat them that way.


Joining Forces Between Online & Offline:
How retailers can use data to drive revenue

Matthias Beick, Senior Consultant


Connect devices

Connect tracking on all platforms and devices
Address your clients with personalised content on different channels.
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Estimate revenue
Calculate which channels are the more promising.

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Churn prevention

Prevent basket abandoners from churning
Ask unknown basket abandoners for information you can use later for targeting.
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Determine customer lifetime value

All customers are not created equal. Predict which ones are worth the most to your business and manage your offers accordingly.

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Understand customer behaviour

How recently did the customer make a purchase? How often do they purchase? How much do they spend? Uncover the data – and put it to use.

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App Tracking

Learn more about your customers across different channels with Webtrekk app tracking. How do big spenders use your apps? How do new customers use them? What percent of online conversion starts as mobile browsing?

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