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"What I appreciate most working together with Webtrekk is that we are sharing insights… All the guys from Webtrekk have a clear view on what industries need. They don’t start from a sales perspective."

Bart Van-Loo, Direct Channels Analytics Specialist
Deutsche Bank AG, Brussels Branch


Recommended Marketing Measures From Your Onsite Data: Finance

Spencer Altman, Head of Business Consulting


"Implementing Webtrekk with Tealium was a piece of cake. Not only was Webtrekk support great during the process, but the ability to fuse analytics data with other databases was impressive. Our CRM department is delighted with the tons of possibilities ahead of us."

Diego Martín Ruiz Mechanik, Head of Internet Bank Project – Web Analytics
Banco Popular

Connect devices

Connect tracking on all platforms and devices
Address your clients with personalised content on different channels.
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Offline messaging

Online data to improve offline communication
Know the pages that a user visited recently so you can optimise communication at your branches.
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Enhanced data

Enhance URM data
Get more demographic insights on your customers to optimise your offers.
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Segments for recs

Create segments for content recommendations
Inform users about appropriate products in every situation.
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App optimisation

Make the most of your apps with in-depth analytics and automated marketing on any device. Use app data to shape offline communication, and use Marketing Automation to reach out with relevant information, reminders and offers.

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Data protection

All Webtrekk data centres are located in Germany and are certified by the International Organisation for Standardization, or ISO. Webtrekk is also EU Privacy Directive compliant, and received the Certified Data Protection seal from TÜV, the German Technical Inspection Association.

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Deliver the right content at the right time to the right customer – and on the right device. Measure your mobile site and apps the same way you measure your website, and optimise your marketing messages for each device.

Integrate online and offline

Turn your online calculators and forms into marketing and lead generation tools. Measure interest in different investment products, and understand which customer segments are interested in which products.

The ability to get real-time information is something which is really useful for us. Because if you need to wait for the data warehouse analytics, then can that can take a long time. But if I look into a daily report from Webtrekk, I have information directly at my fingertips.

Mario Schmidt, E-Commerce Manager
Bank of Scotland