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"Webtrekk understands our business. I don't see Webtrekk as just a tool. I see Webtrekk as a partner that helps us with our challenges."

Özgür Dogan, Chief Marketing Officer


How E-Commerce Shops Can Drive Revenue With Data

Astrid Gramß, Data Analyst Digital Analytics


Churn prevention

Prevent basket abandoners from churning
Ask unknown basket abandoners for information you can use later for targeting.
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Return info

Integrate returns into CLV predictions
When scoring your customers’ lifetime value, orders are only one side of the coin.
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Customer potential

Find users with customer potential
Identify high-potential users with RFM (Value) and RFE (Engagement) models.
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Repeat purchases

Win customers back
Identify and retarget churned customers, and test which reactivation techniques work best.
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Know what they want. And give it to them.

Personalise your website and apps

A new visitor, a returning visitor and a long-term customer shouldn’t see identical pages. Segment your visitors and personalise page elements such as content and banners. Provide a personalised experience and boost your conversion rates.

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Last-seen products

Boost your conversion rates by showing your visitors the products they browsed – on a current visit or in the past. You can utilise the “last-seen products” feature in different places: on a product page, a landing page or even before the visitor has logged in.

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Apps and Mobile

More and more users are shopping online. In Q4 2015, for instance, nearly half of all online purchases were made on a mobile device. Webtrekk Mobile Analytics and Analytics for Apps lets you drill down into every nugget of mobile data. Connect users across devices. Personalise the desktop experience based on mobile history, or vice versa. Know what they want to buy, and how they want to buy it, and drive conversion on all devices.

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