Your custom track domain

Ensure that you have the best possible data quality


A custom track domain is like a private living space that enables your analytics software to reside within your domain. This way, you don’t need to send data somewhere else: Everything takes place completely within your own domain.

Technical questions? Here's a step-by-step guide for how the process works. And here it is in German.

  • Get your own custom track domain
  • Need some more info? Check these out:

    1. Every demographic uses blockers – especially the most important one

    2. Budgets can’t be optimized with incomplete data

    3. Low data quality means less effective personalization

    4. Using a custom track domain protects your data by helping you avoid third-party tools

    5. Gain trust with your users


    Apple Safari ITP 2.1:

    Webtrekk’s Custom Track Domain technology ensures that you have the best possible data quality despite the Safari ITP 2.1 update (this update results in cookie deletion after 7 days).

    Our Custom Tracking Domains collect website data within the website domain itself. Data is not forwarded to an external address therefore Safari ITP 2.1 updates will not lead to cookie deletion. 

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