Webtrekk at OMR

May 8, 2019, Hamburg Messe, 2.30 PM

Masterclass: From Data to Impact: Dashboards, Data Streams & Cross Device Customer Journey

The Data Value Chain

Join Webtrekk’s session for a journey into a broad range of effective data management strategies. Get valuable insights into different approaches of effective data usage. The Webtrekk customer Douglas will show the key advantages of a company-wide Live Data Dashboard. See how data can be prioritized and how patterns and anomalies can be identified and visualized. In addition, learn how raw data exports in real time ("Data Streams") can be a source for live dashboards and similar measures. Webtrekk will explain how Data Streams work, then show examples of real use cases, including how Data Streams can be used for eCommerce seasonality. You will also get a preview of real-time content optimization on all channels, including cross-device analysis.


Live Data Dashboards with integrated data sources to visualize your KPIs
Jonas Rashedi, Team Lead Data Intelligence & Technologies, DOUGLAS

  • What is the key advantage of company-wide dashboards?
  • How can certain data be prioritized?
  • How can patterns and anomalies be identified and visualized?

Data Streams
Norman Wahnschaff, CTO & Co-Founder, Webtrekk

  • Data Streams as real time data source for live dashboards
  • Examples for the potential of Data Streams
  • Commerce peak timings with real time data


Cross Channel Customer Journey
Christian Sauer, Board Member & Founder Webtrekk

  • Real time customer journey across all channels
  • Live-content optimization
  • Cross-device tracking


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