Stevie Award: Webtrekk impresses with Cross-Device Tracking and Data Protection Compliance


Berlin, September 04, 2018 – Berlin-based analytics specialist, Webtrekk, has been distinguished with a Bronze Stevie Award® in the "Best New Product or Service of the Year - Software - Business or Competitive Intelligence Solution" category for its premium customer analytics platform. The prize was awarded for the "Cross Device Bridge" tracking solution, which was first presented last year. Among the aspects the jury praised was the cross-device platform’s compliance with data protection regulations. The award will be presented at the 15th International Business Awards®, celebrating innovation and entrepreneurial excellence, in London on October 20, 2018.

Webtrekk’s customer analytics platform impressed not least with its cross-device tracking capabilities. The Cross Device Bridge platform allows website, app and marketing data to be easily and effectively combined in order to generate meaningful insights for targeted campaigns. This enables key figures to be fully exploited for data-driven marketing campaigns across the most diverse range of end devices. User behavior is analyzed completely anonymously, without the need to overcome any login hurdles. The detection rate with Webtrekk is up to 30% higher than with conventional solutions. At the same time, conversion rates can be increased by as much as 15% due to a higher degree of personalization. Since its launch at the end of 2017, the Cross Device Bridge is already being deployed by more than 50 Webtrekk customers.

An additional focus of the international award jury was on the issue of data protection compliance. Thanks to Webtrekk’s customer analytics platform being perfectly designed for the analysis of first-party data and thus for data ownership, customers can fully comply with the latest GDPR guidelines. Moreover, the companies do not share their data with third parties and data quality increases significantly, too. Webtrekk customers therefore stand to gain significant competitive advantages as their marketing campaigns are based on their own data.

Nominations for the International Business Awards (IBA) are open to individuals and organizations, both non-profit and commercial. More than 3,900 applications from 74 nations were received worldwide this year. The Stevie Awards, which take their name from the Greek word for "crowned", "στέφω" ˈstɛfɔ], will be presented in London on October 20, 2018.

About Webtrekk:
Webtrekk is one of the leading premium customer analytics platforms in Europe. Webtrekk enables companies to understand and analyze the behavior of their website and app users across devices and to apply these insights to targeted marketing measures. With its best-of-breed approach, the independent tech company offers well-founded analytics expertise, while its tried and tested first party data offering helps customers achieve maximum data depth. Webtrekk guarantees highest data protection standards and is TUEV-certified. Data is stored on servers in the European Union. Founded by Christian Sauer and Norman Wahnschaff in 2004, Webtrekk now has over 130 employees. The head office is in Berlin, further branches are in Italy, Spain and the Netherlands. More than 400 customers rely on Webtrekk – among others FlixBus and MyToys. Learn more at

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