How to Buy


If you are interested in Webtrekk solutions, then the first thing to do is get in touch.

After you drop us a note, we’ll figure out the best consultant and sales representative to assist you based on your industry and your preferred language. If necessary, we can enlist one of our certified partner agencies to help navigate any language or market barriers.

At this stage we can answer any questions you have about Webtrekk, our solutions or our traffic-based pricing model. This is a good time to figure out exactly what your needs are.

We are also happy to walk you through our solutions with a personalised demo. The demo typically takes place on a desktop sharing platform such as Webex. This way, you can see our solutions in action and ask us any questions that might arise.

When it comes to actually implementing Webtrekk solutions on your own websites and apps, there are a few different options. You can work with a Webtrekk implementation expert or one of our partner agencies.

Again, it all begins with you reaching out. Feel free to send us an email at , or give us a call at +49 30 755 4150.