Release Notes

Webtrekk Suite



May 2018

Live Analytics Enhancements and more. Details inside»


March 2018

Sequence Filters and Raw Data Export Update.  Details inside»


February 2018

Introducing Analysis Edit Mode.  Details inside»


January 2018

Google and Facebook integration, Cross Device Bridge updates and Support Center improvements. Details inside»


December 2017 

Analytics updates and mobile product list tracking. Details inside»

November 2017

Custom Metric, URM Cleanup Process and CDB updates. Details inside»


October 2017

Generic parameters and social media referrer updates. Details inside»


September 2017

Cross Device Bridge for Analytics. Details inside »


20 August 2017

Watch your page rankings change in real time, email those huge reports in zip format and more. Details inside »


20 July 2017

New features launch in Live Analytics, plus a better way to send data to multiple accounts.
Details inside »


5 July 2017

New filtering options on sparklines and KPIs inside your reports, plus a simpler way to customize the Webtrekk tracking pixel. Details inside »


20 June 2017

Live Analytics moves into open beta. Plus, your number format suggestions are live, and a new testing plugin launches for A/B Tasty users. Details inside »


11 May 2017

May 2017's first release features sparklines for Live Analytics and a pair of fixes to optimize scheduled reports and exports. Details inside »


26 April 2017

This release includes new filters on live analyses, better PDF exports and a handful of new metrics and formulas. Details inside »


6 April 2017

Pixel v5 is in and manual pixel updates are out. And that's not all. Details inside »


31 March 2017

New features let you do more with your custom metrics and segments. Plus, a handful of new dimensions and metrics are now available. Details inside »


17 February 2017

The features that just launched simplify finding, sharing and copying your reports. Details inside »


15 December 2016

Analytics funnels got a redesign, catalog view tracking went live plus device and OS can now be used as marketing triggers. Details inside »