By the Webtrekk Marketing Team

Have you checked out the new, faster Webtrekk Analytics?

If not, here are some of the features that will change how you do data.

Intuitive, responsive design

Webtrekk Analytics’ new design makes it easier to dive into your data on any device.

The layout is simple to navigate, letting you hop between different analyses or reports:

You can also add dimensions and metrics within your analyses…

… and simply drag-and-drop them in whatever order you want the data to appear.

If things do not look quite right, no problem. You can rearrange your analysis in seconds:

Dashboarding and reporting made easy

Suite Analytics brings your dashboards and reports to life.

It starts with the Dynamic Box, a fully customisable visualisation tool that you can use to include text, links to other reports, embedded videos and more. You can also incorporate images ranging from screenshots to icons to presentation slides.

The cutting-edge interface makes it easy to reshape, resize and rearrange in no time. 

In addition, you can update or add analyses from within your report, or use individual filters for each analysis. Show mobile conversion side-by-side desktop conversion, or bounce rate on French pages next to the German pages.

This visual flexibility really comes to life with the full-screen feature, which lets you remove the navigation menus and display nothing but your dashboard. This is perfect for office displays and presentations, when you want to feature your core numbers and KPIs.

Finally, you can export all your reports as a PDF. The PDF will be a one-to-one replication, so all of the colours, formatting and layouts from your reports will be there in your export.

Mobile SDKs

Webtrekk’s software development kits (SDKs) stitch together your users’ mobile behaviour.

Suppose one of your app users clicks on a link in a mobile browser, automatically opening up your app. That will never look like two different sessions – one on the mobile site, one in the app – but instead one integrated journey.

Or maybe someone who does not yet have your app clicks on one your Facebook ad. The user will be prompted to download the app.

With Webtrekk, your attribution numbers will reflect exactly which ad generated that download and that new user.

In addition, you can reconfigure tracking for your apps without having to launch an app update. This will keep you and your users happy.

One-click pivot tables

It is a snap to create intricate pivot tables.

Just click the “+” symbol, and use the auto-completing text field to add your second dimension.

You can dig deeper by adding up to 15 metrics and 10 dimensions.

And if you want to remove a metric, sort it differently or display it in your chart – it is all a click away:

Better performance with sampling

For speedier analysis, you can disable the raw data and use sampled data. This way, you can set up analyses and reports quickly, and then drag the slider up to 100% when everything is configured.

Data Profiles

Customisable data profiles enable users within an account to focus on exactly the data they need.

For example, let’s say that you have different language versions of your website. The analyst responsible for the Italian site can filter out all other languages and focus on only the traffic, conversions and acquisition for the Italian site.

Or if you’re investing more in mobile, give the mobile design and analytics teams only the device-based data they need.

Finally, if you work with agencies, you can customise their accounts so that they cannot see revenue or sales data.

Integration with realtimeDMP and Marketing Automation

Webtrekk Analytics is fully integrated with other solutions in the Digital Intelligence Suite, enabling end-to-end marketing.

It all starts with Webtrekk Analytics, which sends your website and app to Webtrekk realtimeDMP. After it is organised and segmented in the DMP, it is available for all of your channels, including those controlled by Webtrekk Marketing Automation.

Imagine Webtrekk Analytics identifes someone in your DMP’s “Big Spender” group. DMP can immediately push that data to Marketing Automation, which can launch personalised communication via layers, banners and recommendations.

Or suppose someone returns to your site, but has not signed up for your newsletter. Analytics flags the user, DMP matches it with the newsletter info, and Marketing Automation launches a layer with a newsletter signup.

Of course Webtrekk realtimeDMP can also distribute data to tools outside of the Digital Intelligence Suite – demand-side platforms for programmatic advertising, your CRM, even in-store terminals.

But thanks to the analytics and marketing capabilities already contained in the Digital Intelligence Suite, you can make the most of your data without ever leaving the Suite.