By the Webtrekk Team

You’ve seen statistics about how huge apps are in today’s digital ecosystem.

Like that there are 2.8 million apps in Google Play and 2.2 million in the App Store. Or that in 2016, those two stores accounted for more than 90 billion (!) app downloads. 

We’ve seen those stats, too. That’s why we built Webtrekk App Analytics to blend your web and app data, letting you understand how your customers engage and convert across devices. 

Here are five features of Webtrekk App Analytics that will help you grow your mobile business.

1. Simple integration

Webtrekk’s iOS and Android SDKs were designed with simplicity in mind. That starts with integration. 

Webtrekk App Analytics takes just a few lines of code to integrate. That doesn’t mean a monkey could do it, but the process has been streamlined to the max.

If you’re ready to get started, grab the code for the iOS SDK here and the Android SDK here.

2. Merge website and app

Data generated by a visitor belongs to that visitor – not the device they happened to be using at that moment.

That’s why all of your website and app data is available, together, in Webtrekk Analytics.

Check out app conversion in the same graph as website conversion. See app and web engagement side-by-side. Drop a filter on your data to drill into certain devices.

Drill, dissect and segment to get a cross-device, user-centric picture that your teams can use to generate growth and sales no matter how your customers engage.

3. Online configuration

Simplicity goes beyond integration.

All changes, tweaks and reconfigurations are done online, inside of Webtrekk Tag Integration.

What does that mean? First off, updates are easy. You don’t need to dive into your code to adapt how you track screens or measure certain triggers.

In addition, configuration changes will go live automatically – without needing to resubmit your app to the app store. That saves your team hassle and saves your users from never-ending updates.

4. Full range of Webtrekk Analytics tracking features

We support data equality. That’s why all of Webtrekk Analytics’ high-powered metrics, dimensions, analyses and filters are available for your app data from Day 1.

Don’t worry about defining what an order is, what a basket is, or how your analytics should handle a discount. 

All of this tracking is predefined in Webtrekk Analytics, so you won’t have to teach your tool how to handle app data. 

5. Crash and error tracking 

Tracking engagement, conversions and downloads tells you when things go right. What about when they go wrong?

Webtrekk App Analytics tracks crashes and errors. You will know how hiccups inside your app – from the app suddenly falling asleep to a network being unavailable – impact how your users engage.

Do errors reduce daily active users? Do crashes affect conversion – and for how long?

Arm yourself with data to identify and minimize miscues.