By the Webtrekk Team

As we move into 2018, we take a look at what some of Webtrekk’s top thought leaders consider to be the main trends in data analytics this year.

Cross-Device Analytics Demand Reaches Tipping Point 

As intelligent use of data through analytics has entered the mainstream, I expect much higher demand for cross-device technologies. Companies want to reach their customers regardless of which device they use. The customer journey is becoming ever more complicated, with almost a third of consumers using more than one device.

Alexander Krull, VP Global Sales

Data Regulation Fuels First-Party Data Technologies

Across Europe, companies are getting ready for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This will increase demand of data-protected technologies in 2018 which can leverage first-party data to its fullest extent, as companies are forced to rely less on third-party data. We’ll see more technologies emerging which allow companies to collect first-party data from their users, as well as cross-device solutions and advanced targeting.

Alexander Krull, VP Global Sales

Advanced Artificial Intelligence Will Replace Business Intelligence Teams

Advanced AI services, like natural language processing and machine learning, will provide real value to smaller companies without their own BI and data analytics capabilities. Chatbots and machine learning capabilities such as anomaly detection and the automated interpretation of these anomalies will break through as powerful tools in enabling companies to make data-driven decisions. 

Norman Wahnschaff, CTO

Best-of-Breed Solutions Will Return to the Fore 

In the past there was a drive for full-stack solutions, but now we will see a marked move back towards best-of-breed solutions. This means companies can ensure that their providers are absolute experts and offer maximum flexibility with minimal integration costs.