27, November 2019

Proven Methods to Improve Your Webtrekk Analysis & Report Performance

Sven Kliem, Head of Pre-Sales at Webtrekk shows you 12 Proven Methods to Improve Your Webtrekk Analysis & Report Performance.

10, June 2019

What is Customer Success

How can customer success be defined, measured, and improved? Find out more from our experts in this blog post.

03, May 2019

The Digital Transformation of Companies

This blog post identifies several stages of digitalization, differences between digital and analog companies, and the impact on customer experience.

15, April 2019

What you should know regarding the new Firefox tracking update

Ensuring data quality despite ad blockers and new browser settings.

08, April 2019

Custom Track Domains

Learn how ad blockers can affect your web analytics and gain insight into Webtrekk's Custom Track Domains.

18, March 2019

What to look for when choosing an Enterprise Data Hub

Hands-on tipps for choosing the right Enterprise Data Hub for your business.

10, March 2019

App Analytics From Webtrekk

Learn about five Webtrekk Analytics features which can help you optimize your mobile business and increase value to your customers.

01, March 2019

Behind the Buzzwords

Traditional web analytics is a thing of the past. Learn more about customer analytics predictive analytics, marketing analytics, and product analytics.

23, February 2019

3 Reasons for Predictive Analytics Today

Predictive analytics is one of the many ways you can stay relevant and engage your customer. It allows you to gain insights into your customer behavior.

18, February 2019

7 E-Commerce KPIs for a sustainable long-term customer relationship

Markus Nagel, Head of Consulting at Webtrekk presents some insightful retail KPIs for a long-term user development.

14, February 2019

Webtrekk and Apple’s ITP

Michael Diestelberg gives insights on the tracking changes that come with Apple's ITP 2.1 and what it means for Webtrekk customers.

13, February 2019

The Differences Between First-Party vs. Third-Party Data

We are taking a look at the definition of First-Party Data and how it can help you succeed in marketing.

09, January 2019

2018 Data Analytics Trends: Webtrekk’s Picks

As we move into 2018, we take a look at what some of Webtrekk's top thought leaders consider to be the main trends in data analytics this year.

01, January 2019

Customer Analytics: 5 Valuable Resolutions for 2019

Five key takeaways that can help guide you towards more data-driven work in the new year.

20, December 2018

4 Reasons to start With Cross-Device Tracking

The future of technology lies in mobile. Manufacturers are continually outdoing themselves and each other to meet the latest consumer demands.

10, December 2018

Build your own Walled Garden

Christian Sauer, Founder and Board Member of Webtrekk, explains how to create an alternate ecosystem with an exclusive data-pool.

08, December 2018

User-Centric Analytics

Webtrekk is taking a look at four basic scenarios in which user-centric analytics helps to create ideal conditions for identifying marketing potential.

26, November 2018

Make the Most of Christmas

8 valuable analytics and marketing tips for e-commerce shops to optimize for the Christmas season.

09, November 2018

Shedding Light on Dark Social

When the term "dark social" was coined in 2012, it focused on email and instant message. Where is it today? Learn more in this blog post.

10, October 2018

Google Ads Parallel Tracking & Webtrekk

Learn more about the announced Google Parallel Tracking, which is no longer optional in Google Ads account and is there by default.

06, October 2018

Data Ownership

This short blog post will give you insights on how data ownership and First Party Data help you succeed in Digital Marketing.

18, September 2018

Marketing Automation: The End of the Marketing Analyst?

As automation takes hold in digital marketing, where does that leave the analyst?

13, September 2018

Customer Experience: “It’s not you, it’s me.”

3 customer experience tips for building loyalty in the age of brand promiscuity.

03, September 2018

Customer Success with Solution

Would you like to find out more about KPI’s to measure customer success? Then this blog post is what you’e looking for.

27, August 2018

Tag Management Systems

What is a tag manager? Take a technical deep dive, learn about the history of tag managers and get familiar with the Webtrekk tag integration.

14, August 2018

11 Tips for Tomorrow’s CMO

As the C-Suite becomes more digital, CMOs must do the same.

29, July 2018

Everything you need to know about predictions

Does it take ancient and divine wisdom or well-prepared-data to make predictions? Find out more in this blog post.

27, May 2018

GDPR: Using Webtrekk Analytics Without an Opt-In

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force on 25 May 2018. It regulates data protection within the European Economic Area.

22, April 2018

The Dashboard Dilemma

Take a deep dive into Webtrekk's customizable dashboards and learn how to use them to make data-driven decisions.

20, June 2017

Best Practices in Becoming a Data-Driven Product Manager

What does it really take to become a Product Manager? Hands-on tips from our PM-team.

22, December 2015

Webtrekk Analytics A look at your new analytics solution

Have you checked out the new, faster Webtrekk Analytics? If not, here are some of the features that will change how you do data.