Webtrekk is one of Europe’s market leaders for Customer Intelligence and Marketing Analytics. We support marketers and data analysts in understanding and analyzing the behavior of their website and app users across all channels and help to utilize this information specifically for marketing purposes.

Our solution, which is based on first-party data, ensures maximum data depth for our customers. We meet the highest data protection standards and are TÜV-certified. Data is stored on servers in the European Union.

We are headquartered in Berlin, Germany with offices in Italy, the United Kingdom, France, Poland, and the United States. More than 3,000 customers worldwide rely on our solutions – including FlixBus, Deutsche Telekom, ING, and Esprit. Since 2019, we are part of the marketing technology service provider, Mapp.

Webtrekk in Numbers:

  • Top premium analytics provider in German-speaking countries
  • Cross-channel marketing from a single source, including e-mail, push, SMS, remarketing, and overlays
  • 1,350 servers for a high-performance infrastructure
  • 89 billion server requests per month
  • 7 of the top 25 banks in Europe trust Webtrekk
  • 7.8 billion in e-commerce revenue generated by our customers
  • 7 of the top 15 German e-commerce companies use Webtrekk
  • 9 locations worldwide, including the USA, UK, France, and Italy

Market leader for Customer Intelligence and Marketing Analytics since 2004

Webtrekk was founded in 2004. Today, we are a leader in the European market for customer intelligence and marketing analytics. We offer a unique platform that helps marketers and data analysts capture, link and leverage anonymized user and marketing data across all devices for highly personalized marketing campaigns.

We provide a flexible solution platform that empowers mid-sized, enterprise and agencies to offer their customers an optimal customer experience. We support our clients with innovative and powerful technologies which enable them to manage their digital transformation and optimize their business activities across all relevant online channels.

We create conditions for data-driven marketing and detailed data insights so that our customers can better understand their users and act in a targeted manner. At the same time, we respect the rights of each individual user by fully complying with current DSGVO regulations.

Customer Insights that Serve the Highest Demands  

Webtrekk facilitates the successful merging of website and app data as well as information from third-party systems for us across multiple channels. We offer Predictive Analytics to create conversion and churn forecasts for each individual user. We offer Product Recommendations that span across multiple channels in a hyper-personalized way.

Marketers and data analysts can transfer and process raw data into their business intelligence and data warehouse systems in real-time. You can also visualize data directly on our platform with user-friendly Dashboards which can be linked to other data sources.

Furthermore, with Audience Stream, data can be used across channels for tailor-made remarketing campaigns. Our Cross-Device Bridge is comprised of a cooperative data pool, which makes it possible to accompany users anonymously across all devices without requiring a login. In short, our solutions help marketers and data analysts to collect, analyze and activate data across all channels.

A Mapp Enterprise Since 2019     

Since 2019, Webtrekk is part of the marketing technology service provider, Mapp. We complement each other perfectly and offer a seamless, end-to-end customer experience. The technology link is based on first-party data and is designed to personalize the customer journey of each individual user across channels.

Our products and services are combined to become a fully integrated package so clients can easily and effectively generate, evaluate and instantly convert their data into customer engagement. The objective is to leverage real-time information and accurate insights to regularly stimulate user behavior.

Our combined products and services provide a more secure, cost-effective and powerful alternative to traditional marketing clouds.

Steve Warren
Steve Warren

Juhan Lee
Juhan Lee
CTO, Mapp

John Fitzgerald
John Fitzgerald
CFO, Mapp / Managing Director, Webtrekk

Chris Frasier
CCO, Mapp

Norman Wahnschaff
Norman Wahnschaff
CTO / Managing Director, Webtrekk

Grigori Karlik
VP Engineering,

Michael Diestelberg
Michael Diestelberg
VP Product & Marketing, Webtrekk

Maurizio Alberti
VP Sales

Michelle Middleton
VP Global Legal & Corporate Affairs

Read more about the Mapp Leadership Team.

Satisfied Customers in a Wide Range of Industries

More than 3,000 companies trust our combined solutions and services. Over 300 employees serve our customers with specific knowledge that supports diverse projects and challenges. Customers include e-commerce giants such as Hugo Boss and Esprit, European banks such as BNP Paribas, ING, and KfW Bankengruppe, publishers such as Die Zeit and Handelsblatt, telecommunications giants such as Deutsche Telekom and leading companies in their respective segments such as Esprit, FlixBus, and MyToys.

From Customer Insights to Tailored Cross-Channel Marketing

Webtrekk’s solutions are perfectly interwoven with Mapp’s cross-channel marketing. We have extensive synergies in data analysis and can and initiate highly personalized customer interactions with real-time marketing via email, push messages and more. Our customers benefit from a comprehensive product offer that leaves nothing to be desired. The joint product offer can be used out-of-the-box for a wide variety of industries, or it can be customized without major effort. Last but not least, customers benefit from our combined in machine learning, data science and automation potential, which enables them to tap into additional marketing opportunties.

Protect your Data with Webtrekk and Mapp

The protection of personal data is part of Webtrekk’s and Mapp’s DNA. We are committed to anonymous data collection on websites, apps and other marketing channels. We do not collect personal data, only pseudonymous data, plus we do not pass on data to third parties. Our data centers comply with the ISO 27001 standard and are located the European Union. In addition, we are ePrivacy-certified, DSGVO-compliant and hold a TÜV ‘Certified Data Protection’ certificate.

First-Party Data for DSGVO-Compliant Data Protection

We enable our customers to retain complete control over their data. First-party data is an especially valuable asset and the key to a successful data strategy and for us, data ownership means that only our customers have access to their data. Our customers benefit from complete client separation. The merging of our solutions with Mapp is carried out in full compliance with all relevant data protection requirements.

Data Protection & Data Security with Mapp

Mapp’s services are 100% DSGVO-compliant and meet the highest standards in terms of data protection. Furthermore, Mapp is certified according to international ISO 27001 and ISO 27018 standards. This means security management and the protection of personal data in the cloud is assured. Moreover, Mapp is certified by the Association of the Internet Industry, ‘eco’, as part of the European whitelist project called the ‘Certified Senders Alliance’.

Informational Self-Determination without Compromise

Webtrekk is a signatory of the Privacy Manifesto. We are committed to strengthening informational self-determination in the digital society; particularly through the use and dissemination of privacy-friendly practices and innovations.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why are Webtrekk and Mapp a good fit?

Webtrekk exemplifies anonymous data collection on websites and in apps and can collect data from third-party systems such as CRM and ERP. Furthermore, we can integrate Mapp data from email, push, SMS, and other channels. Customers benefit from the fact that our insights and segments are easy to use across all Mapp-supported marketing channels, amongst other advantages.

How is the Webtrekk-Mapp partnership structured?

The management and employees of Webtrekk are integrated into Mapp but will continue to operate independently. Interested parties can contact both Webtrekk and Mapp as we exchange information regularly. Going forward, you will continue to be able to enter into contracts directly with Webtrekk for our full range of services.

What are the implications for customers that Webtrekk is a Mapp company?

At Webtrekk, we want to continue growing with our customers in the future and continuously develop our technology platform in partnership with Mapp. For example, Webtrekk customers can use Mapp’s WYSIWYG content editor for effective one-to-one website personalization. In cooperation with Mapp, we aim to become a world-leading digital marketing platform with unique personalization capabilities offering a seamless customer experience across websites, apps, emails, push messages, and other marketing channels.